The Conclusion

In conclusion, so far the opinion that I had about our thesis and this project has slightly change. At the beginning of the year my thoughts about the issue were simple and clean, not really thinking thoroughly what being an American meant. But now that in class we had discuss so many different types of perspectives of what an American is, my mind has opened to think in a different way than how I though before. At the beginning  of the year I just though that Americans were people that had the right to made their dreams come true and where thought in a highly way from other countries, but as we continue to discuss this issue in class, I began to see that it wasn't necessarily true. Now I realize that being an American is more than just having dreams and making them come true, now I know that Americans are like everyone else. They all have different opinion on different matters and there will always be people that disagree or agree with them and we can never change that fact because people will always think in different levels. Americans are not always the "good guys" we know first hand that Americans can also be corrupted, hypocrite etc. and we can not change that fact because that it is also what being an American means. So through out the school year, my opinion on what an American is has change and I'm pretty sure it will continue to change as I grow older but for now this is what my knowledge of what it means to be an American is.